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Elephant In The Room remix out now!
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In this dubby-stumblingmulticlaphiphopbeat-nusoul-hybrid of a remix, Elephant In The Room, takes von Daler & Low Pressures original “Bitter Sweet” to an other planet far away.

Catalogue DSRDG006
Released September 27, 2013

New von Daler & Low Pressure album, Dubs And Extra Sweets
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Dubs And Extra Sweets is a follow up to the album Bitter Sweet (2012). Combined with five deep dub/instrumental versions from Bitter Sweet, the four new tracks takes you on another laidback journey with the two Copenhagen-based, northen-latino-dubsters, von Daler & Low Pressure.

Catalogue DSRDG005/DSRCD005/DSRLP005
Released April 22, 2013

Von Daler & Low Pressure album, Bitter Sweet (2012). Buy now!

Catalogue DSRDG003/DSRCD003/DSRLP003
Released August 6, 2012