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Bitter Sweet - Elephant In The Room remix out now!

Includes a dub version and a radio edit

Original version taken from the von Daler & Low Pressure album Bitter Sweet (2012)

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Released September 27, 2013

Released April 22, 2013
Dubs and Extra Sweets - LP, out now.

Includes five deep dub/instrumental versions from Bitter Sweet + four new tracks: “Shine” (voc by Kinck), “Law of Nature” (voc by Low P), “Veintirés” and the Buenos Aires pearl "Valsen".

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vinyls, CDs and download (limited 180g vinyl edition)

Digital Graftings - Remix EP, out now.

With remixes of von Daler & Low Pressure's album Bitter Sweet (2012) by DIETL UND DITHMAR (CPH, DK) / DJ DISSE AND BACKHAUS (CPH, DK) / LOS CHICOS ALTOS (BCL, ES)

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Released December 17, 2012

Released August 6, 2012
New von Daler & Low Pressure album out now.

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EMO: Jazzy Dub Head-bobber, EP.

Previously released by Liquid Sound Lounge on vinyl only, NYC 2000. Now available on digital on Dubsoul Records incl. previously unreleased Rough Mix of So Fine.

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Released July 2012

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Released June 2012
von Daler & Low Pressure:
Bye Bye - ft Stine Kinck

First single from the von Daler & Low Pressure album 'Bitter Sweet'

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